Our production studio is based in the heart of the historic North Park neighborhood, in mostly sunny San Diego, California.  Since the majority of our time is spent in production, we do not have a retail location open to the general public. We are happy to set up a meeting if you’d prefer to discuss your project in person- just contact us! Not to worry! Plans for the future involve a spot where you can come lend a hand or two on busy production days- errrrr stop by for a visit & workshops!


Operating Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00-6:00pm  // Saturday 8-12pm // Closed Sunday


Turnaround Time

Production schedules vary and jobs are not placed on the schedule until final artwork and deposit is received.  Please plan accordingly.


Customer Provided Garments

Generally, due to our vendor relationships it works best for us to provide the garments.  That said, generally is pretty general and even a touch generic- so, why generalize? We appreciate unique projects and consider each “print only” job on a case by case basis.


File Formats

Screen Printing //

Files should be high resolution (300 DPI +) at print size. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS3 are preferred.

Direct to Garment //

Files should be high resolution (300 DPI +) at print size.  Export & save as .png or .tiff in RGB color format.  Please remember to use a transparent background, as appropriate for shirt color.

Other //

Please contact us for specific templates to submit button, sticker and offset product artwork.


Submitting Art Files

Submit via email to info@bstreethill.com



Please contact us for easy to use templates.



Screen Printing  1-4 colors, 24 Pieces
Screen Printing  5-10 colors, 72 – 144 pieces
Screen Printing Jumbo Print 1-10 colors, 144 pieces
Screen Printing All Over Prints  1-8 colors, 144 pieces
Water Based Screen Printing  1-10 colors, 72 pieces
Discharge Screen Printing 1-10 colors, 72 pieces



Rarely. And never on awesomeness.


Garment Brands

What you choose, we use! Not sure of your options? Here’s a few brands to check out:  American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Royal Apparel, US Blanks, AAA Alstyle, Gildan, Canvas, Bella, Anvil, & Next Level Apparel.


Producing Film & Screens

Generally, no.  We do not offer film output or screen production.  There have been situations for gallery exhibitions, or other creative ventures where we have negotiated including screens.  Ask, and we shall discuss.



Funny you should mention it. We’ve been there and done that, which is why we are passionate about supporting your touring efforts without breaking the bank.  Vans need gas, right?  Some of our most popular band merchandise items are shirts, koozies, stickers and buttons, that’s why we dedicated separate pages for each.  We can also arrange shipping to venues, and rush re-orders.



Thank you for your business! We appreciate feedback on your experience and learning how we can help with your next project!